Filing a complaint

When a problem occurs between consumer and trader, consumer must immediately contact the trader to reach to the amicable solution. If the trader does not react to the spoken complaint, consumer should submit it in writing along with the copy of the document certifying the performance of a purchase.

If the trader refuses to respond to your complaint or gives you an unacceptable answer, you can contact us to learn about your consumer rights or to submit a complaint. Our aim of the complaint handling procedure is to achieve a compromise solution by negotiating in disputes between the consumer and the trader. If it does not bring expected results, we can advise consumers on further possibilities to handle the claim (e.g. alternative dispute resolution schemes, court procedures etc). Please note that the ECC-Net centres do not have any enforcement powers.

ECC-Net centres can assist you with the cross-border complaints related to traders situated in some other EU member state. We accept complaints only from consumers (natural persons acting for purposes not related to his or her business or professional activities).


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